Stipe Nobilo labels

Korčula wines at Vinocom 2016 in Zagreb

Vinocom is a great place to explore Croatian wines, comparing the different varietals and styles of the winemakers. Unusually for Dalmatia, the island of Korčula is better known for its white wines, not red. Pošip, Grk, Cetinka and Rukatac are grapes native to the island, producing excellent wines with a very local character. We really…

Zagreb International Festival of Wine and Culinart Art

Hvar winemakers at Vinocom 2016, Zagreb

Delighted to see so many of Hvar’s winemakers at the 11th annual, Zagreb’s premier wine expo, held Nov 25-26 in the Hotel Esplanade. Despite the rival attractions of the Davis Cup tournament also in town, and the opening of the Christmas Advent celebrations, was extremely popular. It was packed out on Saturday afternoon, by…

Saša Špiranec guides us through a tasting of the 2011 harvest

Learning about the best Plavac Mali wines – where do they come from?

Plavac Mali is a relative of Zinfandel in California, and Primitivo in Italy, so we’re generally comfortable that we know what a glass of Plavac will taste like. However, growing this Dalmatian native in its own, frankly marginal terrain can give very different results depending on the the soil, environment, heat, sea, rocks, etc, etc. We recently attended a guided tasting by Croatian wine authority, Saša Spiranec of some of the best Plavac wines from the prestigious locations throughout Dalmatia, to assess the quality, style and aging potential.