Dalmacija Wine Expo 2014 – a fun way to learn about Dalmatian wines in only 2 days

Dalmatian Wine ExpoDalmacija Wine Expo 2014 is coming up soon, and we’re looking forward to learning more about the local Dalmatian wines. The list of educational seminars and workshops for the Split event has just been announced, and we’re considering which ones to sign up for. Sounds like we’re in for some rather interesting presentations! I’m particularly keen to understand which wines best enhance the Dalmatian fjaka, which best translates as lazing around, or doing nothing!

Here are some of my personal selections from the guided tasting seminars…

On Thursday there’s a tasting seminar on the potential of the best Plavac from the 2011 harvest, featuring wines from prime locations throughout Dalmatia. Selected wines from:  Korta Katarina, Madirazza, Marlais, Miloš, Rizman, Rozić, Saints Hills, Skaramuča, Stina, Tomić, Vicelić, Vujnović, Zlatan Plenković, Carić i Crvik. That’s going to cover quite a few favourites! We may also try the olive oil tasting seminar later on Thursday.

Friday afternoon looks to be very exciting.  The White Dalmatia workshop focuses on the sheer variety of the white grape varietals – as opposed to the relative consistency of the reds. So, an opportunity to try some of the best examples of  local whites, ranging from the light and airy kujundžuše to the rather full-bodied pošip aged in oak. Most of these white varietals you’ll never find outside the region, and they’re just wonderful!

Following that, we have a sneak peek into the cult cellars of some very well-known Croatian wine-makers: Benvenuti, Bibić, Boškinac, Clai, Coronica, Korak, Krauthaker i Tomac. Some prime wines to be tasted there!

We may also go along to hear what the team from Blue Danube Wines have to say about  wine consumers in the U.S. market, and then we can round off the afternoon at the fjaka talk, which promises to be a highly entertaining way to finish up the show!

We always have a fun time at the Dalmatian Wine Expo, though for me at least, this will be my first attendance at the educational seminars. I hope to see lots of you there!

There are, naturally, other seminars and workshops that have not made it into my personal selections above.  You can find the full list and official sign up form (in Croatian) on the Dalmacija Wine Expo website: www.dalmacijawineexpo.com/hr/prijavnica_predavanja.html