Calm morning

A cold and frosty morning in Vrboska

Hvar in February is beautiful, appearing in a completely different light from the heat of summer. This morning, for instance, I was drawn to take my camera for a walk by the most perfect atmospheric sunrise. Somewhat unusually, we were enveloped in dense fog, with very little of the wider landscape showing, meanwhile the sun…

Jugo – storms from the south, aka scirocco

Depending on where you live, your experience of a southerly wind may be a warm, gentle breeze, or if you’re from Australia it’ll be something much more stormy! I’ve already mentioned that around the Adriatic, and indeed throughout the Mediterranean, the winds have names. The most powerful of them is the bura – that powerful…


The Winds Have Names

In the Adriatic, you’d think there wasn’t really much extreme weather to talk about, especially if you visited in the high summer. OK, the odd thunderstorm over the mainland in the afternoon, but not out on the islands, surely? Yet you’ll see examples of windroses here and there, with the winds clearly named. There’s one…

Tin Ujević the poet

Tin Ujević – the car ferry and the poet

MF “Tin Ujević” is the car ferry that runs from Split to Stari Grad. It sails several times daily, more often in the summer months and less frequently throughout the rest of the year. The trip takes a couple of hours, I could wish it went faster, but it’s a time to have breakfast (or…

Hvar view to Brac

The Magic Ferry

I’m convinced that the ferry to Hvar is magic! Even when it’s tipping down with rain on the mainland, drenching cold and horrible, yet within the short sail to the island, the clouds will clear and the sun comes out!