Exploring Istria – National Park Brijuni

From Bale, it was an easy day trip to the island of Brijuni, a place we had long wanted to visit. Since the 1990s it’s a National Park that anyone can go to, but before that, it was the summer residence of Yugoslavia’s President Tito and off-limits to all but government officials and foreign dignitaries.…

Mala Paklenica from across the bay

The Adriatic Highway and Mala Paklenica canyon

We’re following part of the beautiful Adriatic highway up the coast from Split to Rijeka, the Jadranska Magistrala in Croatian or more prosaically the D8. Various earlier sections of road were connected up during 1945-1965 to form a complete coastal route from Trieste via Rovinj and Pula all the way down to the Albanian border.…

Rocks and tree

Seeing art in the landscape – winter abstracts

As we walk around the island, my eye is often caught by interesting details – arrangements of colours or textures that are like small pieces of art in the landscape. Some simply occur naturally, such as weathered rocks or tree bark, while others are the result of human activity (good or bad). Here are a…

Dubovica cove

Dubovica cove – a beach picnic in January

Dubovica cove is popular in summer, you can tell by the number of cars parked by the roadside above it. In contrast, yesterday ours was the only car to be seen as we set off down the trail to the beach. The sign points to Dubovica and Sv Nedelja, which is several kilometers further along the coast, and the path is clearly marked by our local hiking society, the Hvarska Planinarska Društvo. For the moment, though, we were just taking advantage of a glorious winter’s day, and had brought a picnic to enjoy on the beach.

Top of Učka

Exploring Istria: on top of Mt Učka

Where better to start a visit to Istria than standing on its highest peak, from where you can pretty much see all of the peninsula laid out before you. On a clear day, all the way to the Italian coast!  The coastal range of Učka (1396 m = 4580 ft) is the stunning backdrop for…