Makarac Point

Hot summer days afloat

Here we are at the beginning of August and it’s been a doozy of a summer so far. Between the sweltering temperatures and the cloying humidity, it’s been difficult to breathe some days, let alone get up the energy to move. These are the days of the Dalmatian fjaka, sort of like a Spanish siesta,…

Out the door

Seeing art in the landscape

There are wonderful abstract compositions everywhere you look. Many times on our walks around the island my eye will be caught by some object which just begs to become an artwork. So I’ll take a photo and sometimes the ideas will show up in my paintings as patterns of colour, or shading. The best images…

Mt Fuji erupts

Vrboska’s Crazy Vessel Race

This fun family event is what summer in Vrboska is all about! Involving local and visiting kids alike, the Vrboska Tourist Board issues an annual challenge for the most creative sailing vessel to be paddled from the 2nd bridge, under the main bridge, round the little island and back again to the start. But it’s not about being fastest, this is more like performance art and it’s a popular event!

Settee sail

A fun day’s sailing in Hvar’s traditional boats

Vrboska was founded by fishermen, and the current residents take great pride in their heritage. Along the waterfront you will find a good proportion of shapely wooden boats in amongst the more modern fibre-glass ones. The local latin sail club (Udruga Lantina) is a bunch of enthusiasts who love to sail the traditional working boats…

Returning fishing boat

Vrboska in winter

There’s something magical about the quality of the light in December. It seems to have a soft warm glow to it, even although the air temperature can be fairly brisk in the early morning. Sunrise is, of course, a little later and noticably further south than it was in summer. As far as Vrboska is…