Mt Fuji erupts

Vrboska’s Crazy Vessel Race

This fun family event is what summer in Vrboska is all about! Involving local and visiting kids alike, the Vrboska Tourist Board issues an annual challenge for the most creative sailing vessel to be paddled from the 2nd bridge, under the main bridge, round the little island and back again to the start. But it’s not about being fastest, this is more like performance art and it’s a popular event!

Famous Skradin swans

Impressions of Skradin

Skradin is a place where I’d like to spend more time. It’s in a gorgeous location on the Krka river, with all the glorious nature and historical sites nearby – plus it has a thriving wine and gourmet food scene.  We stayed here for a couple of nights while we explored the wines of north…

It isn’t just an ordinary sort of boat

I love to watch the boats around the island. Not so much the yachts in the marina, big or small, nor any of the modern speedboats. The boats I’m talking about are the everyday local transport, pretty much the equivalent of cars that float. And to my mind, the more character the better!

Home cooking on the Dalmatian komin or BBQ

Over the past few years, our house renovations have been concentrated on the building itself, first making it habitable, then improving our comfort – mainly on the inside! The outdoor area was left pretty much to itself, beyond clearing away all the debris which actually included a rusty old barbeque. What a difference! This year…