Artistic nautical knotwork (part 2) – on the face of it!

Following my recent post on the artistic nature of the ropework  on some of the boats in local harbours, I came another couple of lovely examples. There’s no doubt that those rope bow-fenders just add so much character!

First up, this double fender makes it seem like this boat could talk!

If boats could talk...

If boats could talk…

And then we have this very sweet,  friendly-looking boat. He (or are boats always she?) is positively smiling! Doesn’t it just have character written all over it?

Happy face boat

What a happy little boat!

Which brings me to a question that I sometimes wonder about. In traditional fisher communities around the UK, the boats historically had names, for example Bonnie Lass or Morning Star in addition to their registration port/number. But it seems that on Hvar and maybe generally in Croatia, very few are named.  These fishing boats are, of course, rather smaller than North Sea trawlers, so maybe there’s simply not enough space?

4 thoughts on “Artistic nautical knotwork (part 2) – on the face of it!

    • Very tempted to get a boat ourselves, but not sure how practical that would be! Are you going to the small boat show in Split later this month? Should be fun!

    • Thanks! I had to look up marlinspike seamanship, shows what a landlubber I am! The local term seems to be “gropi i konopi”, which sounds very poetic!

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