Drystone Field Shelter built in England’s Peak District National Park

Following my last post, it was pointed out to me that a Croatian drystone field shelter (the Istrian version, called a kažun) was built last summer at the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire. Located beside the Peak Trail at Parsley Hay, the kažun fits nicely into the local environment, which is also a limestone area with a strong tradition of drystone walling.

Istrian Kažun at Peak District National Park

Istrian kažun at Peak District National Park

Photo by the Croatian Embassy in London (more photos on their Facebook page)

The kažun was built by Croatian drystone waller Branko Orbanić and his team from Croatia, along with local British volunteers as part of the Welcome Croatia activities to celebrate accession to the EU. It took 10 days to construct, using local stone. The design of the Istrian kažun is a little different from a Hvar trim in the roof outline – rather steeper pitch, and that crowning pimple! Looks lovely and very natural there, – do go and visit if you get a chance!

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