Dalmacija Wine Expo 2016 – Seminars and Stars of Cuisine

With a week to go, the Dalmacija Wine Expo website has finally announced the lineup of seminars for the Vinska Skola (Wine School) and the chefs taking part in the Stars of Cuisine event. Yay! This looks to be an exciting couple of days!

Friday 22nd April 2016
16:00 – 17:00 Jo Ahearne: Hvar – moji dojmovi (Hvar – My Impressions) 

Jo Ahearne, Master of Wine will talk about the grape varietals and wines of Hvar from the perspective of an international wine expert. Why is a Londoner attracted to the sunniest island and its wines? What are the varieties of the future in Hvar and Dalmatia that make particularly impressive wines? (Talk given in English)


  1. Vina Huljić
  2. Duboković, Moja B
  3. PZ Svirče, Pošip Lux
  4. Vujnović, Plame
  5. Tomić, Sv. Klement
  6. Carić, Jubo’v
  7. Plančić, Grand Cru
  8. Zlatan, Grand Cru

Friday 22nd April 2016
17:30 – 18:30
Vrhunski domaći pjenušci (Top Croatian Sparkling Wines)

Kruno Filipović, WSET Level 3 will talk about the increasing number of high-quality sparkling wines in Croatia. As the wine-drinking public takes more and more pleasure in bubbles in a glass, so Croatian producers are getting better and better at meeting their requirements. Together we will taste a selection of the best!


  1. Domaine Koquelicot, Kontempo, 2013
  2. Peršurić, Misal Blanc de blancs, 2009
  3. Šember, pjenušac bijeli, NV
  4. Kabola, Re, 2013
  5. Bolfan, Centurion
  6. Kos, Anita, Zelina
  7. Puhelek, Kraljica, Zelina
  8. Prigora, Bedekovich, Brut nature

Saturday 23rd April 2016
14:30 – 15:30 Potencijal premium plavaca iz berbe 2013 (The Potential of the Premium Plavac from the 2013 Harvest)

Saša Špiranec, wine expert/marketer will give his analysis and a guided tasting of the most prestigious Plavacs of the 2013 harvest, from all round Dalmatia. He’ll look at the potential quality and longevity for each wine and projected volumes in order to find the best examples and define the range of styles for a location.

Wines from:

  1. Tomić
  2. Korta Katarina
  3. Bura
  4. Mrgudić
  5. Zlatan otok
  6. Vuina
  7. Vujnović
  8. Poljanić Goranko
  9. Skaramuča
  10. Stina
  11. Miloš
  12. Rizman
  13. Saints Hills
  14. Crvik

Saturday 23rd April 2016
16:00 – 17:00
Jedan Jadran, a nas dvoje (One Adriatic and the two of us)

Taste of Croatia – Lada Radin, Goran Zgrablić, Morana Zibar

The Italian and Croatian sides of the Adriatic abound with interesting wine regions and local varieties. We present four typical and characterful wines from the region of Emilia Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo and Puglia and equally interesting and unique wines from our side of the Adriatic.


  1. Albana di Romagna
  2. Bugava Roki’s (Vugava Lipanović)
  3. Verdicchio di Castelli di Jesi
  4. Debit Birin 2015
  5. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Riserva “Colle Maggio” 2011 – Torre Zambra
  6. Babić Gracin 2010.
  7. Malvasia Nera
  8. Malvasija Tesoro Crvik 2013

Saturday 23rd April 2016
17:30 – 18:30
Velika bijela (Big Whites)

Saša Špiranec, wine expert/marketer

Extraordinary white wines whose quality marked the last decade. Some winemakers in some vintages succeed in producing wine that will be celebrated for generations. The author has carefully kept them in his cellar, and on this occasion he presents them for public consideration. 


  1. Bolfan Sauvignon
  2. Galić Bijelo 9
  3. Kabola Unica
  4. Korta Katarina Pošip
  5. Šember Rajnski rizling
  6. Stina Pošip
  7. Krajančić Statut
  8. Kozlović Santa Lucia
  9. Iločki podrumi Velika berba

Zvijezde kuhinje (Stars of Cuisine)

Also, the annual gastronomic event Zvijezde kuhinje will take place on Friday evening in five of Split’s top restaurants.  Choose your chef and your restaurant!

Restoran Kadena
Chef: Braco Sanjin
Reservations: 021 389 400

Restoran Adriatic Grašo
The team of young chefs at Adriatic Grašo
Reservations: 021 398 560

Hotel Park – Restoran Split Fine dining since 1921
Chef: Nikola Eterović
Reservations: 021 406 425

Restoran Bokeria
Chef: Ivana Čuljak
Reservations: 021 355 577

Restoran Paradigma
Chef: Ante Udovičić
Reservations: 021 645 103

Sign Up on the Dalmacija Wine Expo site

Seminar sign-up page: http://www.dalmacijawineexpo.com/hr/prijavnica_predavanja.html

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    • We really enjoy a glass of bubbly to start the evening, and it’s been good to see the increasing number of Croatian winemakers enter the market. Looking forward to learning some new wines!

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