Hvar winemakers at Vinocom 2016, Zagreb

Zagreb International Festival of Wine and Culinart Art

11th Zagreb VINO.com

Delighted to see so many of Hvar’s winemakers at the 11th annual Vino.com, Zagreb’s premier wine expo, held Nov 25-26 in the Hotel Esplanade. Despite the rival attractions of the Davis Cup tournament also in town, and the opening of the Christmas Advent celebrations, Vino.com was extremely popular. It was packed out on Saturday afternoon, by which time it became difficult to move, let alone have a conversation! It was a great chance to compare wines from around Croatia, and find out what’s new. Obviously, we started with our favourite winemakers from Hvar, who were there in strength!

  • Ahearne
  • Carić
  • Duboković
  • Tomić
  • Plančić
  • Plenković
  • PZ Svirče (Badel)

Ahearne – Master of Wine Jo Ahearne, in her very first Vinocom, was pouring her  lovely 2015 Rosina Darnekuša rosé, and presenting a preview of the 2014 ‘South side’ Plavac Mali due to be released next Spring. It’s made from grapes picked around Sv Nedjelja and Jagodna, and matured in new French oak. Very promising!

Jo Ahearne showing Rosina

Jo Ahearne showing Rosina

Carić – winemaker Ljubo Makjanić was showing their range of Plavac wines from Hvar’s southern slopes: white label Plavac Mali from new vines near Zavala, blue label Plovac Ploški and top-of-the range brown label Plovac Ploški Barrique. In addition, they were pouring their popular Jub’ov red blend, and  whites Bogdanuša (2016) and Cesarica (2015). We’re also looking forward to the launch next weekend in Split of their ‘Mlodo’, a young 2016 Plavac in the spirit of a Beaujolais Nouveau.

Duboković – showing his wines as a member of the GrandCro association in the Zinfandel room, Ivo Duboković was pouring his complete range of eleven different wines, plus a couple of specials – an amazing 2007 Medvjedica and a 2003 Don Petar red prošek. That was a rare treat!

Tomić (Bastijana) – pouring their Pošip 2015, and the 2015 Beleca Pošip/Bogdanuša blend. And in the reds, they had the 2014 Plavac, 2011 Plavac Mali Barrique and Caplar, a rare blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Plavac Mali. Tomić prošeks are always special –  the famous Hectorovich (white) and the newer Moro (red). And if that’s not enough, there was the EuForiJa range of grappa-based liqueurs.

Tomić wines

Tomić wines

Plančić – really good to see the Plančić brothers back with some fine new wines! Antun, along with daughter Magdalena, was showing a wonderfully floral 2016 Bogdanjuša, a 2015 Parč-based Ager blend, a lovely light 2015 Plavac Rosé, plus their basic Plavac Mali and the big Pharos Reserva. They also have a very fine Plavac Mali prošek – what a great way to start the show!

Plenković – showing the full range of their Zlatan brand wines, including the special edition golden Pošip with real gold flakes and the premium Zlatan Plavac Exclusive, one step above their top-of-the range Zlatan Plavac Grand Cru. Apparently they had inquiries from jewellers wanting to put their own gold into the wine!

PZ Svirče wines were presented through their distributor Badel. On offer were the excellent Ivan Dolac Plavac Mali and the top quality De Luxe Pošip.

PZ Svirče represented by Badel

PZ Svirče represented by Badel

For more information on Hvar wines, visit the Hvar Winemakers’ Association website

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