Dalmatian Black Pine – in glowing colours!

I wrote last year about the Dalmatian Black Pine, and the efforts to save this endangered species on the island of Hvar. In honour of Earth Day 2017 (22 April), here is my painting of a Dalmation Black PIne on Sv Nikola, the highest peak of the island. In the background is Mt Biokovo on…

Marko Marulić statue by Ivan Meštrović

Faces of Split – Marko Marulić

One of Split’s most famous citizens can be seen in the Trg braće Radić (aka Voćni trg /Fruit Square). Standing high above the crowds, Marko Marulić is impressive in his long bronze robes, holding a large tablet on which he writes intently. The characterisation in this statue is wonderful, for this is the father of Croatian literature, a lawyer and judge by day, a leading Renaissance humanist, and one of the first authors in the Croatian language. The statue, of course, is by the wonderful Ivan Meštrović, unveiled in 1925.

Returning fishing boat

Vrboska in winter

There’s something magical about the quality of the light in December. It seems to have a soft warm glow to it, even although the air temperature can be fairly brisk in the early morning. Sunrise is, of course, a little later and noticably further south than it was in summer. As far as Vrboska is…

Crocus biflorus

Hvar’s wildflowers and plants in winter

In December, there’s not so many flowers in bloom along the pathways of Hvar, but a few linger on from autumn because of the mild temperatures, while others are getting an early start on spring!  For this winter edition, I’ve expanded the scope to include seeds, fruits and leaves as they make quite the splash…

Earthquake map

A little afternoon earthquake!

There we were, just getting ready for our afternoon walk, when there was a rumbling and deep thump, as if a heavy construction truck had hit the side of the house. The floor noticably shook for a while, then quiet. I waited for a second shake, but nothing more. Must have been pretty close, then!…