Summer in Vrboska – a fun (and very silly) boat race

One of my favourite events in the Vrboska summer calendar is the annual crazy boat race. This year we had three entrants – a colourful pirate boat powered by a dustbin lid on a pole and two energetic outboard propellers, a UFO with two delightful green-faced aliens, and a fishing surfboard with a crew of several onboard and in-water paddlers. The start of the race is at the 3-arch bridge, everyone ready to go!

The contestants paddle their way down to Vrboska’s main bridge, helped by a slight following breeze. As they approached the bridge, there was a chorus of “jarbol dole!” or “lower the mast!” as the pirate boat needed to make some adjustments to fit under the bridge. Everyone safely through there, and it’s once round the island with the UFO leading.

Sadly, the little aliens are unable to hold their lead around the island turn, as they seem to paddle best in a straight line. The pirates take over as leaders for the return leg as the fishermen’s craft starts to disintegrate into its component surf board and inflatable lilo. The surfboard keeps racing to the finish!

At the finish line, it’s a determined lone fisherman on his surfboard, followed by the pirates and the aliens. But, it’s not just about speed, it’s about creativity, and anyway, only part of the fishing fleet arrived home! So, the crazy boat champions for 2019 are the pirates, second place goes to the aliens in the UFO, with third prize for the fishing boat, and free pizza for everyone! Well done kids, another great fun event!

The finish line

The finish line