Guide to Hvar’s wildflowers in the late summer

Following on from our Guide to Hvar’s Wildflowers – Spring Edition, I’ve been out and about looking for what’s in bloom at the end of summer. These are mostly in the high country around the peak of Sv Nikola and on the Vorh plateau, although some are down around sea-level, even right on the beach in some cases.

Black pine and heather on Vorh

Black pine and heather on Vorh

I have to say I was encouraged to find so many wildflowers in September, after what has been a scorching summer. My aim in writing the blog is to identify each one, and tag the photos with an official name in Latin, English and Croatian. With my previously somewhat inexpert pictures in mind, this time I was careful to include more of the plant (leaves, seedpods, etc) in my reference photos. And let’s hope the upcoming new series of that wonderful Croatian TV series  Lovac na bilje, (The Plant Hunter) includes  a trip to the Dalmatian coast and islands, as that could really help me identify the plants here!

Flowers on the beach

Flowers on the beach, Sv Klement

Here’s the reference table of late-summer flowers. Usual disclaimer applies: while I have a reasonable confidence in most of the names, some are tentative especially when very similar suspects exist! I’d welcome any feedback from those with a rather better grounding in botany! Click on the images for a bigger picture, and links take you to wikipedia or plantea to find out more.

Antirrhinum majus
Antirrhinum majus
Calamintha napeta
Calamintha napeta
Lesser calamint
Velecvjetna gorska metvica

Mint family but could be wild basil?
Calluna vulgaris
Calluna vulgaris

Campanula PyramidalisCampanula pyramidalis
Chimney bellflower
Piramidalni zvončić
Capparis spinosaCapparis spinosa
Centaurea glaberrima TauschCentaurea glaberrima Tausch or Centaurea jacea
Bare knapweed
Livadna zečina

Not sure exactly which variant of Centaurea this is. Reference pictures differ!
Cephalaria leucanthaCephalaria leucantha
Ivory scabious
Bijela Glavatka

Flower head is actually a round ball, hence the Croatian name of White head!
Cichorium intybusCichorium intybus
Cirsium vulgareCirsium vulgare
Common thistle
Obični osjak
Crithmum maritimaCrithmum maritimum

This photo taken on a Sv Klement beach. A similar plant is Salicornia, which turns red as it ages. Both samphire and salicornia are used in cooking.
Daucus carotaDaucus carota
Wild carrot
Divlja mrkva
Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Perennial wall-rocket
Uskolisni dvoredac
Dittrichia viscosaDittrichia viscosa
Woody or sticky fleabane
Ljepljini oman / brušćinac / bušina
Squirting cucumber
Divlji krastavac
Echinops ritroEchinops ritro
Southern globethistle
Globus čičak
Eryngium amethystinum
Eryngium Amethystinum
Amethyst sea-holly
Plavi kotrljan

Foeniculum vulgareFoeniculum vulgare
Komorač or koromač
Hedera helix poetarum nymanHedera helix poetarum Nyman
European ivy

This version of ivy is native to southern Europe, and the flowers are high in nectar. Which is why this mound of ivy on Vorh was absolutely swarming with happy bees and butterflies! This one is a Cardinal.
Heliotropium europaeumHeliotropium europaeum
European heliotrope
Europska bradavka
Inula crithmoidesInula Crithmoides / Limbarda crithmoides
Golden Samphire
Primorski oman

Compare to samphire/motar above
Knautia arvenensisKnautia arvenensis
Field scabious
Poljska prženica

Limonium cancelatumLimonium cancelatum
Lattice sea-lavender
Rešetkasta mrižica or Rešetkasta travulja

This tiny variant of sea-lavender appears to be local to Croatia. Seen on Sv Klement beach.
Opuntia ficus-indicaOpuntia ficus-indica
Opuntia / prickly pear

An exotic import from Mexico that grows well here!
Pistacia terebinthusPistacia terebinthus
Turpentine tree

The berries on this bush are really pretty, but the Croatian name is “Smelly
Plumbago europaeaPlumbago europaea
Common leadwort

Few references  even mention this European version of plumbago! Flower looks very similar to the Scilla (below), but this has 5 petals, not 6 and the clusters are different.
Scilla autumnalisScilla autumnalis or Prospero autumnale
Autumn squill
Jesenji procjepak

In this case, the leaves are misleading as they belong to another plant!
Sonchus asperSonchus asper
Perennial sow-thistle
Modrozeleni ostak or Kostriš
Thymus vulgarisThymus vulgaris

“Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them”

~ A.A. Milne