Cyclamen in flower

All hail Spring!

March is certainly throwing a serious amount of weather at us, and such a variety too! After last week’s snowfall and overnight frosts, we’d resumed a more normal temperature, and were really enjoying some quite warm balmy days. And then this morning, we were caught totally unawares by a hailstorm as we took our walk…

Crocus biflorus

Hvar’s wildflowers and plants in winter

In December, there’s not so many flowers in bloom along the pathways of Hvar, but a few linger on from autumn because of the mild temperatures, while others are getting an early start on spring!  For this winter edition, I’ve expanded the scope to include seeds, fruits and leaves as they make quite the splash…

Two-tailed pasha underside

Hvar’s wildlife: butterflies

Butterflies always seem so fragile, so transient. So it came as quite the surprise when I read that (a) there are butterfly fossils dating back around 56 million years, and (b) the Painted Lady appears to hold the record for the longest return migration, from Africa to the Arctic circle and back!

Eryngium amethystinum

Guide to Hvar’s wildflowers in the late summer

Following on from our Guide to Hvar’s Wildflowers – Spring Edition, I’ve been out and about looking for what’s in bloom at the end of summer. These are mostly in the high country around the peak of Sv Nikola and on the Vorh plateau, although some are down around sea-level, even right on the beach…

A Guide to Hvar’s wildflowers – Spring edition

Updated May 2019 – new flowers added! I’ve been inspired this spring to get outside and learn more about Hvar’s plantlife. I see local folks using flowers and leaves in  drinks, in cooking, as insect repellants, balms and of course to flavour various rakijas! At the same time, we’ve also been watching a wonderful Croatian…