Dubovica cove

Dubovica cove – a beach picnic in January

Dubovica cove is popular in summer, you can tell by the number of cars parked by the roadside above it. In contrast, yesterday ours was the only car to be seen as we set off down the trail to the beach. The sign points to Dubovica and Sv Nedelja, which is several kilometers further along the coast, and the path is clearly marked by our local hiking society, the Hvarska Planinarska Društvo. For the moment, though, we were just taking advantage of a glorious winter’s day, and had brought a picnic to enjoy on the beach.

Painting Rocks! Saying things with colour

I love painting rocks and water- it’s almost as good as a walk by the seashore on a day when I can’t get out there myself. Physically I may be in my studio, but mentally I’m on that path around the headland on a sunny day in September! Today, my reference photo is chosen for…