A bit of a clean up and a boat trip

Although you’d hardly know it from the weather most days, it is now summer and time to get outside. Usually we’d have started the season at Easter with visitors coming from many parts of the world. It’s slowly, slowly this year, though,and last weekend a group of Vrboskani took to the beaches with black bags to clear away the winter debris. We went to Maslinica cove along with a couple of neighbours, while a much larger group tackled Soline. Well done to the organizers and all those who took part!

The next day, not being able to entirely straighten my back by then, we decided to take the boat out, and check other coves. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a nice lazy day on the water. The weather has been rather unsettled for a while, so it was like seeing everything all fresh and new.

We passed by Maslinica bay, where we were yesterday, and see how pretty the beach looks now! All ready for summer visitors (but please, please take your litter away!).

As we headed further round the coast, we enjoyed glorious views of Bol on the neighbouring island of Brač. A few coves along, we dropped anchor and enjoyed our boat picnic. The water was just a tad fresh for lazy swimming, so after a quick dip we decided to wash the winter dust off the boat. Memo to self: remember to close the windows next time I start sloshing buckets of water everywhere!

Looking over towards Brač

Summer has begun!

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