Hvar historical theatre opening week celebrations 1-3 May 2019

The historical Hvar theatre reopened its doors this week, looking quite exquisite after extensive renovations. Over three nights, there were celebratory performances, including poetry, music and plays. The Croatian Minister of Culture came for the official opening, shown live on Croatian national TV. We had tickets for the third day, which was a fine evening’s entertainment, and we look forward to many happy cultural evenings at our local theatre!

Stori Letrat

Director: Marin Carić
Cast: Tanja Miličić, Vinka Sedlar, Maja Budrović, Nikolina Ostojić
Musical accompaniment: Ivica Tomičić-Tajnikov
Set design: Mirjana Kolumbić
Lights: Mili Zaninović

On this, the third day of opening week, we were treated to a performance by the Hvarsko Pučko Kazalište (Hvar Folk Theatre). Called Stori letrat (Old Photograph), the play is based on stories written in verse by Brusje teacher Lucija Rudan-Perinić (1911-2005), as told in the local dialect. It’s a collage of her memories growing up as a girl on the island, in small remembered scenes, creating an intimate scrapbook evoking island life in an earlier time. The scenes are both funny and poignant, presented all in simple white, representing the pure colour of childhood.

The Hvarsko Pučko Kazalište company is an amateur dramatic group founded in 1969 to preserve the theatrical traditions of Hvar, and they participate in many of the cultural events in Hvar town and around the island. They have also performed nationally at amateur theatrical festivals, and abroad.

Taking a bow

Taking a bow

This was an excellent performance by all the cast members! Many congratulations to everyone involved! Even without being able to follow the details of the dialect (however clearly spoken), we had no trouble in getting the sense of a small child with her mother, grandmother and auntie. There was such a great feeling of fun, including dancing and singing, but also moments of sadness in there. I loved the scene where they all lined up to take the actual old photograph, which was beautifully created! And, of course, just sitting in that lovely old theatre was a thrill. It’s looking beautiful with its fresh new paint and bigger stage. We look forward to dinner and theatre evenings becoming a regular event for us!

Performances on the first two days of opening week:

Day 1  Forani forskemu teotru or Hvar folk performing for the Hvar theatre under the title of “Ova lipost uzorita grihota bi da se stara“, (It would be a shame if such beauty went to waste), a love poem by renaissance playwright and local Hvar lawyer Hanibal Lucić (1485-1553). This was an eclectic evening of music and sketches with various Hvar folk performing.

Day 2 featured an interpretation of Marko Marulić‘s play Judita (written in 1501) by Ensemble Dialogos, the story being recounted with great passion by a single actress throughout. It’s based on the biblical story of Judith chopping off the head of Holofernes. The musical accompaniment in this case was on period instruments, and the evening was broadcast live on Croatian national TV. Powerful stuff!