Vrboska’s crazy boat race – a summer tradition

I couldn’t let the summer go past without sharing some photos of the crazy vessel race, one of my favourite events on Hvar’s summer calendar. In an effort to avoid the forecast rain that evening, the race started unusually promptly. We therefore managed to miss the first leg, and caught up with the teams as they paddled under the main bridge. I was greatly impressed with the small pilots in the seaplane – from above you can see the careful construction of the plane and floats. I believe the guys on the surfboard were fishermen (although the box mysteriously contained a rubber chicken head), and that appears to be an entire village being paddled along!

Going round the island it seemed very close, with Trump and Putin making it a political race this year! And we have a nursery of toddlers with happy faces on the Molo Dica Sritnih Lica boat, which turns out to be Vrboska’s own version of a kids’ TV series.

Back under the bridge and into the home straight (well, more of a curve actually). The seaplane overtakes the girls with happy faces and the village uses an outboard motor who has her work cut out moving that weight along. First to the finish we have the guys on the surf-board, followed by Trump & Putin, the seaplane, the happy girls and the village. Great stuff!

But that’s not the final result, as trophies are awarded for creativity, not simply speed. Our winners this year were the happy girls (with much excited squealing!) and second were the seaplane pilots, who were my own personal favourites this year! Sadly, I missed hearing the third-prize winners, but I guess to have been Trump and Putin.

The winners!

The winners!

Good effort everyone, and congratulations to the winners!