A little afternoon earthquake!

There we were, just getting ready for our afternoon walk, when there was a rumbling and deep thump, as if a heavy construction truck had hit the side of the house. The floor noticably shook for a while, then quiet. I waited for a second shake, but nothing more. Must have been pretty close, then!

This was no truck, of course, or even rock removal operations, but an earthquake. The epicentre was on the eastern end of the island of Čiovo, about 8 km west of Split, and 22 km deep. The initial report on the EMSC website said 5.0, but that’s since been downgraded to 4.7. The first seismological station to detect the waves was Hvar, at 1:57:07 pm local time.

Earthquake map

Earthquake map

More details on the EMSC site

Although we felt the quake here in Vrboska, there was no damage. Not so in Split and Trogir, which appear to have suffered some broken windows, cracked plasterwork and some road damage. No doubt the evening news will be full of it.

A 4.7 quake is unusual enough here for all our neighbours to be talking about it! However, there are fault lines in the area that do adjust from time to time. For a more detailed look at the situation, check out our earlier blog about The Adriatic on a Plate.

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