Morning walk in Vrboska

My favourite time of day here is the early morning, especially in the heat of a Hvar summer. It’s fresh and cool then, the water surface is like polished glass, and we get soft lighting low from the east. What a perfect time to take the camera for a walk!

Sveta Marija facade - morning light

The fortified church of Sveta Marija in the early morning

The houses in the pjaca are lit up, but the facade of Sveta Marija won’t see the sun until later in the afternoon. On the other hand… around the back of this unusual fortified church, the feathery shadows of  palm trees make an interesting pattern on the otherwise blank high stone walls.

Palm tree shadows on the fortified church

Palm trees cast shadows on the back side of Sveta Marija

Down on the waterfront, the bakeries open at 6:30 am, a perfect time to pick up fresh pastries and bread for breakfast. My favourite is always the walnut (orah), but the chocolate (čokolada) is also rather tasty!

Vrboska boats

Morning in the harbour

The water tends to be beautifully calm at this time, giving unbroken reflections. And the low sun shines directly into the harbour for a fine effect. I could wish there weren’t so many cars parked there, but on the other hand, the swifts are a good addition to the view!

Swifts over Vrboska harbour

Swifts over the harbour

Turning into the labyrinth of paths and steps that serve as streets here, there are some lovely details lit by the glancing sun. No lazing cats at this time of day, but the roofs and stonework are interesting.

Vrboska backstreets detail

Stone roof on an old building

Vrboska backstreet

Vrboska backstreet in the morning

There are some lovely walled gardens amongst the houses – it all looks very green, even at the end of the summer. These pomegranates will be ripe soon.



The bells of Sveti Lovran are much louder than they appear! Rung resoundingly each morning and evening at 6:30, and every half hour on a Sunday morning, they can be heard from some distance. Which is, I guess, the point. In contrast, the more massive Sveta Marija sounds a small delicate bell on the hour – the clock at the end of our street as I call it.

The bells of Sveti Lovran

The bells of Sveti Lovran