A Sunday morning walk around Split

One of the great benefits of catching the early morning ferry into Split, is the opportunity to wander around the backstreets when they’re not so busy. On this particular Sunday, we had a plane to catch, but that wasn’t until lunchtime. In the meantime, we could have breakfast on the Riva, and explore the old town.

A Very Fine Lunch at Restoran Kadena in Split

Following our wonderful gourmet dinner at the wine expo on Makarska, we were invited to visit chef Braco Sanjin at his usual kitchen in the lovely Restoran Kadena in Split. We’d spent the morning trailing around various home-improvement superstores in pursuit of equipment for our new BBQ, and were somewhat disillusioned with the cabilities of…

Tin Ujević the poet

Tin Ujević – the car ferry and the poet

MF “Tin Ujević” is the car ferry that runs from Split to Stari Grad. It sails several times daily, more often in the summer months and less frequently throughout the rest of the year. The trip takes a couple of hours, I could wish it went faster, but it’s a time to have breakfast (or…