A Very Tasty Lunch at Bistro Kod Damira

Following our walk up the Glavica hill, we were ready for lunch! Though restaurant choices are somewhat restricted in winter, it’s still possible to find places open. Stari Grad seems to be particularly good, and we have the excellent Skojić in Vrboska, though haven’t yet found any winter restaurants in Jelsa!

Bistro Kod Damira in Stari Grad was recently featured in a Total Hvar blog article – the ministry of other people’s business – so obviously we had to give them a go! Damir used to run the Stari Mlin restaurant, and before that he was at Jurin Podrum, so we knew we liked his food. It’s not everyone that caters so well to vegetarians, and I remembered it being particularly good.

Despite the sun, the air was a touch chilly so we went inside. They looked quite busy, always a good sign! Although not everything on the menu was actually available, we managed to find a couple of choices that we liked. In my case the Penne with Gorgonzola and Mushrooms, and for himself, the Ox Tongue in Horseradish Sauce. As you can see, we’re not both veggie!

To drink, I thought to try the lavender cordial, but was convinced instead to go for the champagne with lavender. I’ve not seen that on a menu before, and it should be encouraged! Come to that, I should try making some lavender syrup myself, along the same lines as the rose syrup. That also makes a lovely cordial for the summer.

There was some lovely, interesting artwork by local artists – always enjoy seeing that. There was also a fascinating collection of objects on and around the bar, including a trumpet, a “No Spitting” sign, and a bottle of herbs labelled Tony’s Viagra!

Really tasty food and a warm friendly atmosphere made for a great lunch. The home-made baklava was especially tasty! Here’s my sketch of our table and the bar…