Vrboska by Night

Walking around Vrboska at night is delightful, if a bit tricky in places. We have street lights that kind of cover most areas, but some familiarity with the pathways definitely helps for those darker corners!

Fortress Church of Sv Marija

Fortress Church of Sv Marija floodlit at night

Of course, the most important buildings are always floodlit throughout the night – so the churches of Sv Marija and Sv Lovran are set off very nicely, as are the two tiny churches marking the old parish boundaries. If you’re lucky enough to find Sv Marija open to visitors at dusk, do go up to to the roof for the views!

Bells of Sv Marija from the roof

Bells of Sv Marija up close at night

Also well-lit is the electricity sub-station box, which is to my mind, an unusual landmark to highlight! More picturesque is the waterfront, with its beautiful reflections!

Dusk on the waterfront

Dusk on the waterfront

Most evenings the water in this small harbour is dead calm, making an almost perfect mirror. We like to go a longer way home after dinner, especially along the quiet upper reaches of the waterfront – up to the stone bridges and back.


Reflections in the upper harbour

The famous bridges are now also lit from beneath the arches. I can see why you’d want to outline the elegant curves, but really, is that cool white not a touch too modern?

New underlighting for the bridges

New underlighting for the bridges – too cool?

The other night saw some lightning flashes after dark. Always a bit tricky to time a photo, but here’s one from last September, when the flashes were so frequent you really couldn’t miss! We climbed to the roof of Sv Marija to watch the show.

Lightning to the west

Watching the lightning flashes from the roof of Sv Marija