Marko Marulić statue by Ivan Meštrović

Faces of Split – Marko Marulić

One of Split’s most famous citizens can be seen in the Trg braće Radić (aka Voćni trg /Fruit Square). Standing high above the crowds, Marko Marulić is impressive in his long bronze robes, holding a large tablet on which he writes intently. The characterisation in this statue is wonderful, for this is the father of Croatian literature, a lawyer and judge by day, a leading Renaissance humanist, and one of the first authors in the Croatian language. The statue, of course, is by the wonderful Ivan Meštrović, unveiled in 1925.

On Fishing and Fishermen’s Tales

2018 marks the 450th anniversary of the publication of Ribanje i Ribarsko Prigovaranje (On Fishing and Fishermen’s Tales), Petar Hektorović’s classic travelogue poem. It’s a fascinating tale of a three day sailing trip from Stari Hvar to Šolta, though the old language of the original makes for a tricky read, even for Croatians.  Here’s the…