It’s harvest time!

September is harvest season on Hvar! You can smell it in the air, you can hear the clatter of the processing equipment, and everyone, it seems, is up early and picking grapes. It’s known here as “jematva”, elsewhere in Croatia as “berba”. Once the summer tourist season ends, everyone turns into a winemaker!

A very atmospheric wine tasting experience

Wine tasting in Ivo Duboković’s magical cellars in Jelsa

One of the finest wine-tasting experiences on the island of Hvar has got to be the magical cellars of Ivo Duboković. The outside world is suspended, as you step down into his konoba, piled high with barrels and casks on all sides. This is a working winery, where it all happens. Tucked into a corner…

Fresh season's growth on old vines

Lunch and a vineyard tour at Carić winery on Hvar

We always love to visit Carić winery, not just for their excellent wines, but also for the friendly chat and a chance to catch up with owners Ivana and Ivo Carić. Theirs is a small, family run operation with a growing reputation both within Croatia and internationally – in fact their Bogdanjuša wine was recently…

The very promising young wines of Teo Huljić

It’s always good to meet Hvar’s winemakers, and we were delighted recently to be introduced to Teo Huljić, and have a chance to sample his wines. His restaurant and winery are tucked away in the backstreets of Jelsa, just up from the church of Sv Marija and conveniently just around the corner from the Tomić…