Exploring Istria – National Park Brijuni

From Bale, it was an easy day trip to the island of Brijuni, a place we had long wanted to visit. Since the 1990s it’s a National Park that anyone can go to, but before that, it was the summer residence of Yugoslavia’s President Tito and off-limits to all but government officials and foreign dignitaries.…

Hvar pjaca

Flying tour of Hvar and Korčula

The last time we were treated to aerial views of the island was when we flew in the seaplane, now sadly no longer an option. But this week, himself was invited for a tour of Hvar and Korčula from a two-seater plane. Take-off from Stari Grad International airport, where there are currently several planes on…

Two-tailed pasha underside

Hvar’s wildlife: butterflies

Butterflies always seem so fragile, so transient. So it came as quite the surprise when I read that (a) there are butterfly fossils dating back around 56 million years, and (b) the Painted Lady appears to hold the record for the longest return migration, from Africa to the Arctic circle and back!