Turning the camera on ourselves for a change!

Our first visit to the island of Hvar was in April of 2008, in search of an antidote to a hectic life in high-tech. We weren’t looking for cultural heritage sites at the time, just some old stone house in a peaceful location to feel relaxed in. As it happens, we found both – and a whole lot more besides! Hvar has a bit of everything we enjoy, always surprising us.

Internet searches and guidebooks all give the impression that Hvar is one pretty little seaside town on an otherwise empty island with beautiful beaches basking in glorious sunshine. Ah, but that misses out so much of the story! We greatly enjoy discovering our new island retreat, and it’s fun to save the memories and be able to share what we’ve learned.

Mara is the nom-de-brush of artist Marion Podolski, originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. The Croatian part of the team is husband Zdravko Podolski who started life in Zagreb and arrived here via a fairly devious route! While mostly focused on the island, we also like to explore other areas of Croatia, and share our experiences.

Hope you enjoy the blog!


More of my artwork at Gallery Mara



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  1. Hello!

    I’ve been to Hvar and I love it! It’s a paradise in the world.
    I bought two bottles of lavender and romesmary oil. They are amezing.

    I have trying to found it how to buy it online.
    Do you know any place where I could bouy direct from producers or a store that sells the originals oils?


  2. Greetings Marion/Mara, I am enjoying your blog–particularly the wildflower portion. We are basing ourselves in Milna and doing mountain biking during our 5-day stay. Thanks for posting! Audre Engleman & Dimitri Moursellas P.S. If you have time, browse our travelogue: https://travelingloveaffair.blogspot.com

    • Hello Audre, how nice to hear from you, and I’m glad that you enjoy the blog. From a quick look at your own blog, I see that you have been to so many places all round the world. I hope that you enjoy your stay on Hvar and I look forward to reading about it! The wild flowers are still giving a bright splash of colour, even into June. That’s pretty late for here, and won’t last now that the summer sunshine has finally arrived. Happy travels! Marion

    • Hi Ed,

      That would be Zdravko, our craft beer correspondent! He’s been happily exploring the local craft beer scene here for a few years and will be delighted to talk to you about it. He’ll follow up separately…

      Thanks for visiting!


    • Happy to chat, though not as plugged in as I was a couple years back. May be able to give you some contacts. Maybe send me your email?

  3. Hi Marion and Zdravko,
    We enjoy your blog. Any chance you are in Vrboska this weekend? We would like to invite you for a coffee. We too are looking to make Vrboska our base. I am a US artist. He is German, nearing the end of life in high tech. 🙂

  4. Hello Mary! hope you’re well! I’ve read a couple of your birding posts and would love to know if you have any recommendations on places to go in Hvar especially to see Hoopee and Bee Eaters – Any help would be awesome! cheers!

    • Hi Irfhan, thanks for your interest in our birding posts, and I can report that we have currently have swallows trying to nest in our porch! It’s that time of the year when we have swift, swallows and house martins all around the village. I’m reluctant to give any specific locations for nesting birds, but I will say that we saw/ heard a couple of bee eaters today on our walk on the Stari Grad Plain. We could also hear cockoos. As for hoopoes, not sure where to look for those. You might check out the Eco Hvar blog for more bird sightings on the island. Mara

  5. Hi Marion and Zdravko! I stumbled upon your fantastic blog this morning, and I really enjoy it with my morning coffee. It is always interesting to know that our heritage and culture is appreciated. My name is Marijana, and most of the year I live and work in Korčula town, I am running a small accomodation place, and I work as a tourist guide. In wintertimes I live in Zagreb. If you ever come to Korčula in summertime (I recommend visiting in the first week of September because of Korkyra Baroque Festival), I would be glad to meet you for coffee and to give you a historical tour through Korčula town. 🙂

    • Hi Marijana, many thanks for your kind comments, and I would absolutely love to meet up for a coffee and chat in Korčula town one day! We visited last May, really enjoyed the atmosphere and made some lovely new friends. We will definitely be back again, ferry timetables permitting!

  6. Hi Mara,

    I’m really impressed by your Hvar blog. I’m originally from Stari Grad and I found your blog an inexhaustible source of information. With your permission I would like to use your blog articles on my web site if you do agree.
    Thanks and best regards
    Milos Pero

    • Hi Pero, thank you for your kind comments! It’s always nice to know that people are reading and enjoying the blog. You are encouraged to share the articles on facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc and we provide buttons to help you do that! For commercial websites, such as your Split Travel Guide, you’re welcome to quote part of the article with your own comments, and provide a link to the GoHvar blog to read more. Please do not copy whole articles or imply that we endorse your product or services in any way. We appreciate your efforts to encourage more people to visit this wonderful area – good luck with your project! Mara

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